How the system works


This is our problem. We will install the system on the server of choice - be it our own or the server you nominate.


This is also done by us, with input from your side, as we would like to provide you with a platform suitable to work for you.

Data input

To sell online, the information of your product must be uploaded onto the system. We will enter one or two items of your  product and this will also serve as an example of how it is done. We will also provide you with a step by step guideline on how to upload and or change the information. The actual upload of information is ultimately your responsibility. 

Payment Gateway

Banks do not handle transactions from on-line stores directly. These transactions is channelled through "payment gateways". We do not get involved with your agreement(s) with these companies just as we will not negotiate with your bank on your behalf. We can provide you with names and contact information of these companies to set you on the right path. Once you have agreed terms with a gateway of your choice, we will link your on-line store with the gateway.

Sales to clients

When a sales transaction has been done, the system may/can advise you of such transaction by email. As store owner, you can also see full details of the transaction on the system. You will then have to complete the transaction from your side (arrange for delivery etc)

After the sale was completed on the system

This function require manual input.

Packaging for delivery and delivery arrangements (the system has at this time already collected the delivery charge)

Printing of invoice for shipment with the delivery.