Optional Features Available

You may want to sell certain items (like wine) to over 18's only. There are 2 options available: 1. We can ask your client to confirm his age and also refer him to the Terms and Conditions that will clearly state that you only sell to people of legal age. Admitted, this is really only as good as asking a person at the counter his age but it will show your intent. 2. A more extreme option is to ask every client to submit an ID for age verification. This can be done automatically by the system using email correspondence. This feature will attract a nominal installation/setup charge
Not very common outside of the music industry. You can provide your client the option to download a full CD, or to select only specific tracks from that CD. (See example of "Music Downloads" in our demonstration) This feature will attract a nominal installation/setup charge.
Not as bad as it sounds. As a rule, you will sell your product at a standard price to whoever wants to buy. Or you may have say "Club Members" or "Distributors" or any other group of customers that may qualify for a discount - or even an increased price. Can be done. The system will show the base price at all times, and the reduced price to those clients that qualify. You will determine who is to be on what list of clients and you will control what each group qualifies for.
You may have certain clients that buy on a regular basis, and pay you on agreed terms like a 30day account (eg. distributors). These clients can buy like any other client. On check-out, they (and only they) will have the option to add the purchase to their account as opposed to paying up-front. PLEASE NOTE: This system is NOT a replacement for your normal accounting system. It only provides you and your client an easy way to order or purchase stock. There is also NOT a way to integrate this system with your accounting system. You will have to manually capture the invoice in your accounting system. This feature will attract a nominal installation/setup charge.
A registered customer can buy Gift Certificates and send it by email (from within the system) to anyone they want to gift it to. Cards are of a given value and paid up front. The recipient of the card can use it as currency to buy from your store. Different "cards" can be created in advance for specific days/events, (eg Birthday, Valentines day etc)
This feature of our store will assigns customers "loyalty points" for purchasing products from the store. Customers can also use these acquired points as a currency to purchase products from the store. You have control over the number of reward points required for a customer to purchase items with.
Selected or all stock can be sold at 'Sale Prices' for any predefined period, wether it be on specific dates or hours of a specific day. This feature is available at no extra cost.
You may stage/host/sponsor an event and want to sell tickets on-line. No problem. We can even limit the number of tickets where required.
For additional security, the system can force email verification when a new account is created.
If you provide a warranty on your product, your client can register the warranty on the system, against the serial number. This feature can also be used for the registration of warranties of the product if purchased from other dealers. This feature will attract a nominal installation/setup charge.
This feature makes the system an ideal platform for Staff Recruitment. Contact us for more detailed information. (Can be used by recruitment agencies). This feature will attract a nominal installation/setup charge
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